How it works - Kitchens & Bathrooms

Budget kitchens- Buying steps

  • Measure the kitchen
  • Choose the kitchen you like (colour, type, size)
  • Order kitchen online
  • Pay online via secure Barclays payment system
  • Wait for your order confirmation
  • Wait for your kitchen being delivered

If you have any questions or you need additional cabinets please email us with your enquiry prior to ordering your kitchen. Please provide your name and phone number.


Budget kitchens are not ridgit but flat packed.


Bathroom cabinets and basins- Buying steps

  • Choose cabinets size and colour
  • Choose basin size and colour
  • Order online
  • Pay online via secure Barclays payment system
  • Wait for your order confirmation
  • Items being delivered


If you have any questions please free to email us:


Designer Bespoke Kitchens – Buying steps explained in details:

  1. First initial visit – establishing needs, finding out about type of the kitchen, customer requirements, budget etc.
  2. First draft of design shown to the customer for acceptance (changes to be made if required)
  3. Second visit with kitchen fitters – survey, discussing requirements
  4. Customer to provide a list of chosen appliances or Budeso research according to requirements – to be agreed individually (if they need to be “build in”)
  5. After accepting the visual design, quote for furniture and design to be provided for customer acceptance Quote provided by kitchen fitters. Quote is for fitting and the second part of quote is approximate quote for building materials. Any additional materials and costs e.g. tiles is to be agreed with customer. Agreement to be signed for design and custom made furniture.
  6. Agreement to be sign for fitting.
  7. Kitchen furniture quote payments: 30% at the time of signing the agreement and accepting the quote, 70% to be paid one week before the delivery of furniture by bank transfer/cash/.
  8. The date of delivery is an approximate date. Exact date will be given about a week before the delivery.
  9. Timescale: From acceptance of quote and deposit 30% being paid manufacturing the furniture takes 5-6 weeks plus one week for transport to be allowed (no longer than 8 weeks in total). In case of any changes in design after the kitchen has been ordered and deposit paid additional costs can occur and the time of manufacturing can be longer: e.g. the customer accepted the design, quote and paid deposit and then 2 weeks later wanted to change a fridge model. As the cabinet for an appliance is custom made the manufacturer needs to manufacture another cabinet for a fridge/freezer at additional costs to be paid by customer.
  10. Old kitchen has been disposed and new kitchen delivered.
  11. The customer pays a deposit for building materials. Fitters bring invoices along with materials.
  12. Fittings take place depending on difficulty of kitchen and material availability from 1 week to 10 days.
  13. Fitting is completed. The customer signs form of completion. The customer pays outstanding amount for fitting.
  14. All fitting works are agreed with a customer and specified in the fitting form/quote. Any additional work customer would like fitters to complete can be agreed with fitters as addition and quoted separately.


If you have any questions please free to contact us: