Tafla Jasmine/Dark red/Black/Olive

Tafla Olive Gloss

Set price: £710.00

Front doors – MDF Olive gloss colour
Carcasses – Laminated chipboard gray colour
Worktop – deepness 600mm, thickness 30mm, divided according to cabinets, gray colour

Standing cabinets: hight 820mm, depth: 440mm

1. Cabinet 400mm wide z 4 drawers and a worktop D40s4

2. Cabinet 600mm wide with 3 drawers and a worktop D60s3

3. Cabinet 800mm with 2 doors and a worktop D80

4. Cabinet 800mm for a sink without a worktop D80ZL.

Top cabinets Hight 720mm, depth 300mm

1. Cabinet 400mm with 1 door W40w

2. Cabinet 600mm wide with a glass (opens up) W60

3. Cabinet 800mm with 2 doors W80

4. Cabinet 800mm with 2 doors W80 Total length of the set 2600mm. Hanging cabinets, which open up, have a gas lift hinges. Hanging cabinets are with one shelf

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